About Us

Established in the late months of 2015 with a pending new arrival of our own, I was disheartened to find the lack of wooden baby products in our market so we decided to make our own! The satisfaction of having non plastic, toxic or bpa products in our nursery made it a no brainer to offer our untreated wooden products to other parents, grandparents & mums to be!

Inspired by the minimal & scandinavian design and lifestyle we created our very own concept of playgyms, baby toys & clothing racks to suit the modern day mumma!

Im am very glad we ventured down this path, we have met lots of lovely people & been able to get most of our family members involved in our expansion due to popularity in our products which is quite exciting! We pride ourself on craftsmanship and the fact that each item we create really does have that extra special touch.

We have lots of exciting creations coming to life in the near future as well as a wholesale business expansion offering other NZ and International businesses safety certified & modern teething supplies.

Hayley x