Safety & Care

Safety is of utmost importance here at Little Pine & Co. having little children ourselves. Please see/read below & adhere to the safety requirements of each product.

ALL Little Pine & Co. products should only be used under adult supervision, please do not leave your baby unattended.




  • Care Instructions: -


To clean your teether/rattle simply hand wash with warm soapy water using a damp cloth to wipe it down - don’t not immerse item in water.

Inspect teether/rattle of any sign of wear & tear before using! Safety is of utmost importance - if beads have become worn or any sign of damage discard immediately.


  • Safety:


Please Inspect teether/rattle before use and discard if the structural integrity begins to look compromised. Discard after 6 months usage.

This item is not intended as a toy; they are not designed to for chewed on by children older than 12 months or to be used by children with a full set of teeth - purpose is merely for babies cutting first year buds. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNSUPERVISED WHILE USING THIS PRODUCT.

Little Pine & Co Teethers adhere to AS/NZ ISO  All Teethers/Rattles are safety tested and inspected before shipping.




  • Care Instructions -


To clean your playgym simply hand wash with warm soapy water using a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Inspect Playgym for wear & tear before using - any sign of damage, fault or wear and tear discard immediately - if you are unsure do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Safety:


Should your play gym become worn & unsafe due to wood fractures please discard immediately.

Playgyms intended use is for babies under 36 Months only to lay under and look at & touch accessories. Hanging toys are not suitable for chewing or to be used as a teething aid.

Please do not leave your child Unattended or Unseupervised whilst using this product.



Whilst this product is made with the utmost care to ensure your baby's safety, Little Pine & Co. does not take responsibility for accidents or injuries if our products are used in any way other than for its intended purpose.

Any queries or questions feel free to contact us!